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Training that Fits Your Life
Serious goals take a serious commitment. However, real, long term success also requires a healthy balance in all areas of your life: work, school, family, friends, etc.

I create training plans programs that work with your life - time constraints and stresses - to help you maintain a healthy life balance.

Get More from your Time. Get More from your Ability

Don't just train, TRAIN SMART!

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Are you using someone else's training plan? One-size-fits-all training programs - group training, book, magazine, and web based programs - are fine to a point, but will only get you so far. Almost any consistent training will help. However, is it really the best for you? Does it take advantage of your individual strenghts and weaknesses? Does it take into account the real time constraints and stress factors in your life? Does it follow a smart progression that allows you to get better at a rate in tune with your own body, and minimizes the risk of injury?

I design training programs that take advantage of your individual strengths and weaknesses, and that work with your lifestyle - a program can take you farther in much less time.

Who can benefit from coaching?
Coaching is for anyone looking to improve, train smarter, and train more efficiently. It's athletes of all age, ability and experience; whether you are training for your first 5km, your 50th marathon, or just want to get into better shape.
  • Running: Road & Trail. 5km to 100 miles
  • Multisport: Triathlon and Duathlon
  • Adventure Racing andOther Endurance Sports

Coaching Philosophy
  • Communication is essential to a successful coaching relationship. Each person responds  differently to the stresses of training. Feedback is essential so I can custom fit your program to your body and lifestyle.
  • Mutual trust is important. This enables free flowing and open communication.
  • I try to adapt my communication style to fit your personality. For example, some people need more of a cheerleader style, others want more of a parent to keep them "honest" to their training.
  • Learn as you Train - I give you the reason behind each workout, and teach you how to better understand your own body's signals. I don't expect you to blindly follow each workout without question. The more you learn, the better the quality of the feedback, and the better you are able to modify your training to sudden changes in your life.
  • Collaboration - This is a team effort. I am responsible for giving you the workouts. You are responsible for doing the training. Neither one works without the other, and the keys mentions above.

Training Philosophy
There are certain fundamental truths of training. However, no two individuals are alike. Thus, no two training programs should be the same.

What does that really mean? It means that each person has different inherent strengths and weaknesses, and respond to the different stresses of training differently. What works for Deena, or Lance, or your training partner, may not be the best for you.

I work with sound, scientific training principles (check back later for more information) to tailor training programs to your individual strengths and weaknesses, and around your lifestyle. I create a program unique to you, one that helps you get the most out of your time and abilities. There are no quick fixes or magic pills. I emphasize consistent, long term, injury free progress and fun.

Coaching Services
  • Standard Coaching: Daily/weekly workouts. Regular feedback, phone or e-mail.
  • Consulting: One time or periodic meetings where I give you advice and answer questions on anything you want. Typically, we review your goals, current training and history, and life style, then develop a training outline and give you some training fundamentals to manage your own training. A session lasts about 60-75 minutes. I don't punch a clock, I want to make sure we have enough time to get you going on your own, with limits. This can be done in person or on the phone. There's an additional charge for traveling out of the area.
  • Hybrid - Starts with an initial consultation. You make your own daily/weekly training schedule. Includes regular feedback sessions to help you adjust your training or answer other questions.
  • Semi-Private, Group Training: I can design special programs for a small group of friends, or larger training groups.

Contact me for rates and more information.
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