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Running Form Clinics
TrailRunning 101/102
Easy Road Running
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Any energy that doesn't go into propelling you forward is wasted.

  When your foot hits the ground, do you maintain your momentum or slow yourself down?
  When you push off, are you propelling yourself forward or skyward?

Learning to fall: Efficient running is like falling forward, even uphill. However, the mind doesn't like us to fall. We have natural reflexes to prevent us from falling. These reflexes are like putting on the brakes - it slows you down, leads to greater and quicker fatigue, puts added stress on your joints and muscles, and increases the risk of injury.

*Improve your running efficiency. *Increase your running enjoyment.
*Reduce the pain of running. *Increase the longevity of your running career.
Trail Running 101/102
  • Get more uphill power with less effort.
  • Fly down hills with more speed and confidence.
  • Glide smoothly over rocky and uneven terrain.
  • Reduce the stress and of pounding on you muscles and joints.
  • Become a more powerful and efficient runner on roads and flat terrain.
  • Use trail running training to prepare for road races.
  • Shoes, Equipment, Safety, Where to Run and Race, Race Strategy, and anything else that comes up.
Easy Road Running
  • Generate and maintain more forward momentum.
  • Run uphill with more power and less effort.
  • Run downhill with less impact and more confidence.
  • Reduce the stress on you muscles and joints.
  • Vary your stride to keep your legs fresher at the end of long races and training runs.
  • Shoes, Equipment, Hydration, Race Strategy, and anything else that comes up.
Clinic Structure
4.5 hours* (morning) of drills, feedback, short runs, Q&A, and fun. We start with drills to get you to feel what your body is doing while you run. We work on different parts (feet, hips, shoulders, etc.) separately, then put it all together. We finish with a group run. This is a chance to review your form and ask questions during a continuous run. It's like a final exam, but without grades.

*Don't worry about fitness (except for TR102). We won't be continuously running for 4.5 hours. Most of the runs will be very short, ~10-20 seconds, at a low effort level, with lots of recovery time. There will be 2-3 breaks for snacks, and to watch videos. The goal is to work on form, not to test fitness.
Chi Running®/Pose Method®
Is this Chi Running or the Pose Method? The answer is yes and no.

The basic principles of effecient running are the same, whether it's called ChiRunning®, the Pose Method®, Evolution Running®, or something else. Yes, it is very much like what you find in these programs. I incorporate ideas from a number of "experts," as well as from over 3 decades of my own running, and keenly observing others.

I've been teaching these clinics since before Chi Running came out. I continue to refine and improve the teaching method.
I plan to introduce video taping at these clinics. I recognize the value of seeing yourself. However, the main focus is on getting you to feel what's going on inside your body. You need to develop that body sense so you can continue to improve in your own running and racing.

Video taping is a new introduction for me. I am still working out the logistics.
In and around Denver and the foothills west of town. I choose the location, based on weather, trail conditions, and other events, a week or so before the clinic. I will contact you then with directions and other instructions.

  • $50. Includes the clinic, handouts, snacks, and individual feedback. By mail, and in advance only.
  • Limited to 12 to ensure individual attention. A minimum of 5 required to hold each clinic.

When in doubt, run uphill! ©