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Sunset of lake
Beware the Bear Trail Races
(formerly 10-Spot)
Papa Bear 15km
& Baby Bear 5km
Oct 19, 2014, 9:00am
Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, CO

Late season trail running fun.
"The roller coaster equivalent of trail running," these courses are a mix of short, sometimes steep hills, rolling terrain, and some fast flats and descents, mostly on single & double track. Enough of a challenge for the veteran trail runner, yet a good intro course for trail novices. Great spectator viewing.

2013 results posted
Course details and map
Driving Directions,  Parking & carpooling
Course Measurement & Markings

Dates 10-Spot
thru 9/30



Race Day2

1No additional online service charges.
2Cash or check only.
3Two per page. Share with a friend and save paper

Race no pickup on race day only, beginning at 7:30am.

An additional waiver, for the City of Lakwood, must be filled out by all before picking up your race number, whether you pre-registered or are signing up on race day. Please allow extra time for check-in and parking.

Course description:

1/22/14 - The descriptions below were for 2013. The races will be run in the reverse directions in 2014. The 5km will be modified to be all dirt. Course descriptions will be updated later.

10-Spot: The new course is 15km, ~1,000' of climbing, all dirt (a few wooden bridges), single and double track, over a mix of moderate to steep hills and rolling/flat sections. Start with a 1-mi loop around the meadow, where the start/finish is, then two ~4.17mi circuits on the surrounding trails.

5km: The new course is 90% dirt, with ~300' of climbing. It takes off in the opposite direction from the 15km, then follows the last 2+mi of the bigger circuit.

All Runuphill Racing courses come with a Won't-Get-Lost guarantee.*

In case of muddy trails, an alternate course will be used.
The park does not allow races on muddy trails. It may be all or partially paved, using park roads and bike paths, but will be hilly. The race will not be postponed to a later date due to muddy trails. Weather looks great for this weekend.

Aid Stations: Two aid stations per lap for the 15km, one for the Little Fiver:
  • Along Morrison Rd, about the middle of the big circuit, 3.55mi & 7.82mi for the 15km, 1.4mi for the 5km. Water and sports drink.
  • At the end of each lap, by the shelter, 1mi, 5.2mi and the finish of the 15km. Water and sports drink
Cut Offs: For the 15km, 1:30 at the end of the first big circuit, approx 17:18/mi pace.

Rock by rock:
The course will be extremely well marked for the race with lots of signs and accurately placed mile markers. I guarantee* that you won't get lost.
entry fee refunded, less $10 (to cover online registration fees and swag), or credit given to a future race.

Click below for 15km course map
Click below for 5km course map
Bear Creek 10-Spot
                                Course Map Bear Creek 10-Spot
                                Course Map

5km start: Start by the parking lot by registration. Head E, down the dirt road. Take a right at the bottom onto the paved road. Head W on the road for 0.3mi. Go right, around the chain, onto the dirt trail. The trail climbs ~6%-7% for ~300m. Half-way up, stay left at the Y. At the top, follow the trail around to the right as the trail flattens out. In ~50m, go left and cross the irrigation canal on the bridge. Go right, following the irrigation canal. The trail curves left. Continue with Part 2 below.

10-Spot opening loop: Start ~100m down the dirt road from registration. Head W, towards the shelter. Go right just before the parking lot. Follow the path around the N side of the shelter, past the finish line, and onto the single-track through the meadow. At the W end, take a sharp left down a short, steep and rocky trail. At the bottom, take a sharp right uphill. The trail climbs ~6%-7% for ~150m. At the top, follow the trail around to the right as the trail flattens out. In ~50m, look for a small foot bridge on your left. On the opening lap, stay straight. In another ~50m, follow the path to the right, down the hill. When you get to the large, dirt road, take a sharp right. Continue past the start. Go right just before the lot again, then left past the finish line.

Big Circuit: Head around the meadow again, down the short steep trail, and back up to the footbridge. This time, go left across the bridge, then left on the other side. Follow the jeep service road as it rolls to the W. Go through the gate, then take a sharp right onto a single track. Follow this trail back to the E, alongside Morrison Rd.

The trail splits as you come to the W side of the bluff. Stay right at the Y, and follow the fence to the top of the bluff. The climb kicks up at ~10% for a short stretch, "levels off" at 4%-5%, then 10%-12% for the upper half. The trail turns right at the top and descends - steep and rocky at first, gradually flattening out - back to the jeep road, just NE of the foot bridge. Go left onto the dirt jeep road.

Part 2: Follow the double track N, along the irrigation canal, out to Morrison Rd. Go right on the trail along Morrison Rd, across the large culvert. The aid station will be at the E end. Go right at the aid station, through the fence line, back into the park. Stay to the right, down the trail, across the W edge of a meadow.

At the NW corner of the bottom of the bluff, take a left and climb the steep hill, 15%-20%. Stay straight as the trail starts to flatten out. Follow the trail along the N edge of the bluff with a short, steep drop, then a fairly flat stretch. The trail veers right and drops fairly steeply into a small canyon. It curves right at the bottom of the canyon, with a more moderate downhill.

Take a sharp right at the next trail junction. This trail climbs ~7% for ¼mi. It flattens out below the top of the bluff. Take a left there and head downhill. Stay straight past a couple of trail junctions. Cross the wooden footbridge, and take a right up the dirt road. Head up the steep road. The road curves left and flattens out. Continue past the start,
go right just before the lot again, then left towards the finish line.

Repeat the big circuit a second time. Stay to the outside and around the shelter when heading out for the final circuit. Stay to the inside, on the grass, to finish.

Driving & Parking: Please carpool to save money, gas and carbon.

Create your own map/directions and/or follow the directions below.

Bear Creek Lake Park is located at 15600 W. Morrison Rd, just E of the town of Morrison, Red Rocks Ampitheatre, and the Bandimere Speedway.

Take hwy C470 to the Morrison exit. Go E ½ mi to the park entrance. Turn R into the park. Proceed past the toll booth - racers and volunteers don't have to pay a fee on race day. Go left at the Y, stop sign, just past the toll booth. Continue another ~¾ mi to the start.

Please carpool to save money, gas and carbon. Follow race official instructions for parking when you arrive. People arriving early will be able to park by the start/finish, at Coyote Crossing. Additional parking will be determined as the park dries out. You may have to park up to ¾mi away and walk. No race parking in the paved Fishermans Lot!

Carpool: Please carpool to save money, gas and carbon.
DenverTrail Runners - Post a message to the group.
        BoulderTrailRunners - Post a message to the group.
        Incline Club -
Colo Springs area. Post a message on their message board.

You can also bike there via the Bear Creek path.

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