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  • 2/16/15 (updated): Taking it Inside. If you're serious about training through the winter, then treadmills, stairsteppers, and other indoor training should be a part of your routine.
  • 9/24/14: How to Run Fast - Teach your body how to move at a faster pace.
  • 1/22/14: Winter Hydration. It's cold outside. Don't forget to drink.
  • 10/2/13: 5K for ultras. How training for a 5km will make you a faster ultra runner.
  • 9/1/13: Strong Feet. How to strengthen your feet and why it's important, whether or not you intend to run barefoot.
  • 1/11/12: Barefooting. Were we really born to run barefoot?
  • 7/11/11 (updated): Leadville Pacers Guide. Guide for pacers, crew and runners at the LT100 run.
  • 7/11/11 (updated 10/2/13): Speed for Ultras. Why you should, and what kind of speed training to do for ultras.
  • 7/6/11: Intervals Done Right. The Why and How of different types of intervals.
  • 1/20/11: Running on Ice. Techniques for running fast and efficiently on ice, and how it can improve your running form.
  • 1/20/11: Adjusting to Winter. The Why and How to adjust your training to winter weather.
  • 8/25/10: Counting Strides. The benefits of and techniques for increasing your stride rate.
  • 9/15/09: Ready2Race. Peaking, Tapering, and the little last minute things that can make or break your race.
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